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Volkswagen is known as the People’s Car’ and there could not have been a better way to explain its extraordinary appeal. And perhaps realizing this, the people at Volkswagen have just rolled out a car that will sell like hotcakes. It is called the XL1 and with good reasons enough. It is perhaps one of the first cars in the world which will run for 100 kilometers with only a single liter of fuel in it. Ridiculous? Well, try it out. You can do the math some other time. For now, here is a nifty sneak-peek at this modern-day marvel for us.

What You Should Know About This Car

Be it any car, ugly or beautiful, but inevitably you end up paying attention to its curves as well. Volkswagen XL1 does not disappoint. The entire vehicle looks out of a futuristic movie set and there is enough substance padded beneath the flash. Based on visionary Ferdinand Piech’s templates, this car turns out to be not only sleek and spectacular, but way lighter and slimmer as well. The makers have used carbon fiber in chassis and panels and the result is a light mean machine that takes off a lot of excess weight. The cigar-shaped, two seater design is also a triumph of imagination.

Volkswagen XL1 Steering Wheel Volkswagen XL1 Volkswagen XL1 Doors Volkswagen XL1 Front Volkswagen XL1 Interior

Speed and Performance

Volkswagen does not leave anything incomplete when it comes to speed and performance. In the XL1, it merely takes 11.5 seconds to take the wheels moving at a speed of 60 mph. The transition is perfectly smooth and you rarely feel anything, which means that there are no jerks and bumps at all. The glitch could be the fact that the car is loaded with add-ins and a heavier engine which makes it a bit bulky. This is hardly a problem and there is also the option of running the car on electricity to save the gasoline. Of course, that is not really a problem as well.

Space and Interiors

The space has always been a slight problem with almost every VW model and this one is no different. The two-seater car does taper out in the rear and becomes a bit V-shaped. However, given that it would be most ideal for two people, this is again forgiven. On the other hand, the dashboard of the driver feels completely different to the frills on the exteriors. Instead of wings and reverse mirrors, we get computer screens to lend a hand in tricky parking and steering. In both steering and turning, the XL1 is as smooth as butter. You can easily maneuver it.

Engine and Efficiency

Finally, we come to the 47-HP and 800cc-two-cylinder turbo diesel engine which thrums like a good old machine and delivers the goods. The electronic mode of the car will work fine with a 5kwh lithium ion battery pack and then, for the fuel, you need to just fill up the tank with a single liter or whatever you call it. There is no doubt that this is the passenger vehicle that we were all waiting for. Perhaps, we did not know that Volkswagen, the makers of cars for people are coming up with it so soon.

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