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If you are planning to own a Tata Nano this year, there is good news for you! Tata recently unveiled the new 2013 Tata Nano car after making a few changes so that it gets a fresh look and up-market feeling. This egg shaped car would be available from June 2013. This new version comes with better equipped features, such as alloy wheels and music system. With the dip in the sales in the recent years, the company has taken all possible care to make sure that there is an increase in this year’s sales volume of this amazing car.

Tata Nano CNG Variant

Tata plans to launch a CNG variant of Tata Nano as it is much more fuel efficient and is also highly affordable. Though the exact date of launch is not known, this variant is sure to hit the market this year. This company also has plans to launch the diesel version before the end of 2013. The cosmetic upgrade that this small car has received this year is well evident through the amazing alloy wheels as well as the body graphics. The high grade materials that are used to make the interior of this small car, twin glove boxes and 2 speaker music systems offer the Tata Nano a standard look.


While talking about the engine of Tata Nano, the high power engine offers a displacement of 624 cc. The 38 PS power and 51 NM torque it churns out are great compared to the previous versions. This engine has the ability to deliver a whopping mileage of 25.4 km per liter, which is much higher than the previous versions of Tata Nano. This company that has manufactured this car also ensures that this 2013 version also emits the lowest carbon dioxide than the other counterparts in the market. The high pick up and acceleration also require a special mention as you can touch 105 km speed without taking a long time. This compact car is also designed in such a way that it can handle inclination with high grade ability. This means it can easily turn around with a small radius of 4 meters that displays the combination of power and superior performance. The booster assisted brake system of Tata Nano offers you great convenience in driving and better control of your small car.

Tata Nano 2013 Version

This refreshed version of Tata Nano also features mirror at the left side of the door, chrome strip between the headlamps at the front, ventilated bumper to offer better cooling for the heat generated by the turbocharger engine and the rear release of the hatch, which is a new feature in this version. The release is located underneath the seat of the driver inside the car. This practically means that you have lots of storage area in this latest version and it would truly impress all Tata Nano lovers!

The sophisticated interior offers Tata Nano a new lush look and feeling. This car is available in wide ranges of colors, such as Neon Rush, Rouge Red, Meteor silver, Champagne Gold, Sunshine yellow, pearl White, serene White, Papaya Orange, Aqua Blue and Mojito Green and each of these colors has a distinct sheen.

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