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Porsche is in the third generation of the Cayman, although the second was more similar to a face lift. They haven’t held anything back for this model, however. A completely reworked engine, wide tracks, and plenty of new gadgets complete the completely revamped exterior and interior of this car. For non-Porsche fanatics there might not seem to be much new or special, but Porsche as put a lot of work into this model and it shows the first time you drive one.

Porsche Cayman S with Powerful Engine

The original generation of the Cayman was essentially a turreted Boxter, which was nice, but the third generation takes it to a new level. The new Porsche Cayman S is beautiful on the outside, but also has a new level of power on the inside. The 3.4-litre S model has a flat-six engine, the option of manual and double clutch gearboxes, and plenty of options to go along with it.

The options include things like PASM, PTV, and PSM, which all have their own unique qualities. PASM is going to give you an active suspension system that will let you choose between two different modes of suspension, normal and sport. PTV is a torque vectoring differential that will improve agility around corners. What about the way that it drives, though?

The Porsche Cayman S is truly a wonderful car to drive, that much is obvious the first time you take it out. They have made a switch to electro-mechanical steering, which doesn’t deliver a noticeable difference, but nonetheless it handles like a dream. Corners are exhilarating thanks to the naturally aspirated engines and the bump up to the S model delivers truly unrivaled torque. The base model alone is a joy to drive, but the upgrade really adds a lot of power without sacrificing anything in terms of drivability or interior engine noise. The 50 added horsepower make a world of difference. At a top speed of 175 mph, you will certainly be thankful for the handling that Porsche put so much emphasis on once you are whipping around corners.

Porsche Cayman S

Inside of the Porsche Cayman S there is a polarizing interior. There is a style that resembles other Porsche a lot, but if you are someone that truly enjoys the look this isn’t a problem. The craftsmanship is of the greatest quality and the ergonomic styling gives a perfect fit to this two seat automobile. Such a small care can often cause problems for the driver, but the driver’s seat is perfectly designed and the layout matches that quality.

The Porsche Cayman S is absolutely a must-have car for Porsche lovers, or sports car enthusiasts of any sort. Combining a great ride, a smooth quiet interior, and a great amount of space for a Porsche makes this a wonderful buy. In comparison to other cars of this type, the Porsche Cayman S is a clean, efficient, powerful car. It isn’t cheap, but anyone looking at Porsche won’t be surprised. $5,000 worth of options can be normal, but for anyone willing to spend the money, you cannot go wrong.

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