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2014 Volvo V70 debuted this year at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show alongside the debut of the redesigns of his siblings like the S60, XC60, V60 and XC70. The updates involved this year are quite major, making the V70 look new as more features are added inside. The feature and engine updates for the new V70 do not differ much from his siblings as Volvo applied the new features to […]

Before the Maserati GranCabrio hit the market, it seems that the other 4 seated convertible Maserati models would be handled by 2 coach building companies in the nineteen thirties. However, it was son that RAG Patents (a British company) and the Italian company Castagna used the 26M model of Maserati as the main inspiration for starting a revolution in what regards convertible cars. Maserati Grancabrio Reviews 1. Engine If you […]

One of the Porsche units that we may have to consider to test-drive is probably Porsche Boxster S. This Porsche comes as a sporty two-door Porsche that sports no roof on it. The design that this Porsche sports also involves an array of highly sporty wheels which just give a more exotic look to the car. In addition to offering a great design, however, Porsche Boxster S also offers great […]

2013 CRV has not been revealed yet. In fact, many people are waiting for the car. They reveal that this car is really perfect as a family car. However, some of them reveal that the sophisticated model also makes this car great for a private vehicle. Whatever the reason to wait for the car launched in the market, you need to know that this car has become a queen for […]

If you are planning to own a Tata Nano this year, there is good news for you! Tata recently unveiled the new 2013 Tata Nano car after making a few changes so that it gets a fresh look and up-market feeling. This egg shaped car would be available from June 2013. This new version comes with better equipped features, such as alloy wheels and music system. With the dip in […]

2013 Ford Escape get the major updates to be the new challenge for Crossover class. The brand of Escape is the new solution for the market that getting some facelift that applied to the Escape basic design. The other new features installed include the trend of the crossover design for new car. The SUV class always offers the best performance and the better dimension for passenger and cargo. The new […]

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