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Nissan has been a global leader when it comes to manufacture of exceptional cars that depict the modern automotive technology. The Nissan ZEOD RC is no exception to this rule. These initials stand for Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car. It is a clear indication that the car emits zero or very minimal carbon dioxide. It is one of the most inventive models from this brand. Indeed, its amazing features put it on the top list of the world’s groundbreaking electric cars. Its design and other body aspects can simply be described as strategies driven by ideas.

Nissan ZEOD RC Importance And it’s Features.

Nissan ZEOD RC is equipped with special features for optimal racing performance. The cockpit of the car is completely enclosed. The car has been given an entirely new body work that the racing industry has not seen before. In terms of race trim, the Nissan ZEOD RC will weigh only 700 kilograms. This is light weight that makes a suitable car for racing. It is a feature that will give it a racing advantage compared to other brands.

Nissan ZEOD RC is heavy compared to the Deltawing. Moreover, even though it is called an electric car, it will not depend solely on electricity. These are plausible and strategic measures that Nissan has taken because of the exhausting nature of racing. There is a technology used to facilitate generation of electric energy in short burst to reinforce the power source of the car. This is a similar technology like the one used in Audi R18 Quattro and the Toyota TS030. Nissan ZEOD RC will be able to exceed 300km per hour and this is the reason why it has been granted the tag of the best and fastest car in the world.

The ZOED RC has earned greatness by its own merit because of the lithium battery technology. This is an ancient technology that was initially used in road race cars but it has been given a better uplift in this Nissan model. The car features a rocket like shape with small front wheels. Even though it shares a lot of similarities with the Nisan leaf, it remains unique because of the body design and the speed.

Before its unveiling, the manufacturer spent years of testing to perfect its design and ensure there are no hitches. A thorough comparison of conventional petrol power and electric drive train was able to bring the best ways of incorporating the electric system. These are some of the features that qualify the Nissan ZOED RC to feature in high profile and toughest races of the world.



The fact that the car is able to produce zero emission means there is a combination of electric motors and the internal combustion engine. However, the final specifications are yet to be released because the manufacturer is still testing different power train combination to come up with a powerful and ground-breaking machine. The battery is similar to that of the leaf but it has been given additional tweaks to produce more power. In addition go this, the battery pack will be charged efficiently and quickly because of the regenerative breaking technology used.

The car will be powered by a V-8 engine that has been sourced from Nissan. According to the manufacturer’s expectations, the V-8 engine will deliver 500hp reinforced by the six speed X-Trac gearbox. The new race car boasts of a very light body that does not exceed 1984 pounds. With these unique features, it will be able to hit a speed of 205mph without compromising on the stability.

As the world looks forward to next year’s Le Mans race, everyone is keen to see the performance of the ZOED RC that has been dubbed the world’s fastest electric car. According to Nissan, what fans are seeing in this model is a true reflection of what is expected in all the future Nissan models that are yet to be released.

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