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After nearly thirty years in hiding, Nissan has officially brought back the Datsun brand with the Nissan Datsun GO. Nissan has stated that its new entry-level Datsun hatchback will appeal most to buyers looking for a trendy first car in emerging markets worldwide.

Introducing the Nissan Datsun GO

In the mid 1900’s, Nissan was famous for putting out cars like the sporty Datsun 510 sedan or 240Z coupe, both of which created a vast market in the U.S. for Datsun cars. The auto brand was finally nixed in the 1980’s, but now, Nissan has plans to bring back the name for a brand-new line of budget automobiles alongside the Nissan and Infiniti brands.

The Japanese automaker recently unveiled the Nissan Datsun GO, a five-door hatchback, at an event in New Delhi, India. The company had stated in late 2012 that it would bring Datsun back onto the global market, starting with dealers in Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, and India. Eventually, the company hopes to expand to other parts of Asia and the Middle East. The executive vice president, Trevor Mann, even stated that he personally would like to see the Nissan Datsun GO make its way to Brazil and Latin America.

However, Nissan officials have firmly stated at U.S. car shows earlier this year that, at the moment, no Datsuns have been planned for release in the U.S. market.

Designed in Japan and built by partner vehicle manufacturer Renault at the Alliance Plant in Oragadam, India, the car will soon be sold in India for under 400,000 rupees starting in early 2014. The Nissan Datsun GO is only the first in a series of new cars from the company, and will be followed by other models over the next three years.

To help the Datsun cars keep their reputation of being low-budget vehicles, Nissan aims to reduce manufacturing costs to around $3,000-$5,000 per automobile.

Nissan Datsun GO will come as a front-wheel-drive hatchback with a 1.2 liter engine and five-speed manual transmission. It is said to have a very spacious interior and sleek exterior; the intended target market for the Go is young customers and emerging individuals.

The vehicle is around just 12-and-a-half feet long, and has a variety of features built for optimal response time while in traffic. The name Go represents the growing middle class with which the vehicle is aimed at, and will also include a smartphone docking station for charging, access to music and photos, and additional storage.

Nissan Datsun GO

Nissan also states that the name was inspired by the brand’s very first model in 1914, called the DAT-GO. The word DAT means “lightning-fast” in Japanese. The brand name is also a reference to the first letters of the names of the three financers who had helped support and grow the business at the time: Den, Aoyama, and Takeuchi. The car was advertised as “Durable, Attractive, and Trustworthy”, keeping in tradition with the abbreviation.

Today, Nissan says the DAT in the new Datsun brand name stands for “Dream, Access, and Trust”.

Current Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said he hopes the brand will help contribute to Nissan’s expansion in global markets. Although the company will have to deal with some lack of brand recognition, especially with the target market being younger consumers, the company stands firm that the Nissan Datsun GO will be a great contribution to the high-growth market.

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