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Honda NSX which is known as Acura NSX was first produced between 1990 and 2005, by Honda which is a Japanese Automaker. The newly improved Acura is expected to enter the market in the year 2015.


The first model had the following specifications by the year 2009

  • The chassis was made of carbon fiber that was reinforced with an aluminum frame and steel cage, which was approved by the Japan Automobile Federation.
  • The engine was custom built engine of Honda, it cooled by using water and aspirated normally. The cooler was 3.494 liters and it had 4 valves per cylinder.
  • Used unleaded gasoline, and had the fuel injection system
  • Could go for a maximum speed of 191mph or 307km/h
  • Wheelbase 2,530mm

With these features the car was effective as a sports car and had all the power that a professional sports car driver would have wanted. It was therefore used by many car racers in the US.

Second Generation Acura 2015

The new concept for the new generation Acura was launched in 2012. It will have more advanced features as compared to the first model. Its shape will also be different from the 1990-2005 model.

What to expect in Acura 2015?

The second generation of Acura will be mid mounted with direct-injected V-6 and this feature will give the rear wheels primary power. The engine is expected to be bolted to a dual-clutch, and it will have an automatic paddle-shifted which incorporates an electric motor. These features will even be made better by the four-wheel drive feature, and will also have electric drive in the front wheel. It is equipped with a Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control and also has a several variable volume intake to increase power and tractability.

Acura NSX Concept Car

The new Acura is expected to sell at about $110,000; an advertisement for this fine drive was launched on 2012 February. Acura will be built at the Marysville Auto Plant in Marysville, Ohio in the United States. The prices went up due to the rising cost of doing business around the world and also the high cost of buying parts. The new model also comes after many years when a lot has changed in the automotive industry.

It is the first Japanese car to be sold in America, and is giving competition to some of the world’s best cars. The second model is expected to sell more as compared to the sales of its first launch, which only saw 8,900 NSXs sold after 15 years of production. The old model was discontinued due to its old fashioned features like the flip up headlights, and its monochromatic interior panels that have now been replaced with fixed HID headlights and updated metallic look design.

This new model will be ideal for the race tracks and it will be favored by those who like the sporty look. It has confirmed the high performance and comfortable driving experience and skill. It is reliable and easy to drive. Acura comes with clear forward visibility, good sounding V6 and a smooth and effective shifter. Be on the lookout for the new Acura and get ready to enjoy a driving experience that is unique.

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