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For those who genuinely care about the environment and would like to make sure they will protect it as much as possible, then they very well know that going with an electric car is one of the best ways through which they will be able to begin their efforts of making sure the planet is a greener place to live. Individuals who heard about the Mahindra e2o should know that this is actually the latest electric car the makers of Reva have introduced to the consumer market.

Mahindra e2o Electric Car

Compared to it, the Mahindra e2o is actually a very big leap. It’s not obsessed though with the concept of saving the planet, but it’s actually a great car because it is a very functional electric vehicle that won’t disappoint.

Appealing design

When taking a look at the new model, people will be able to still see some similarities with the previous model. The new model comes with a touch of quirkiness, tight shut lines between its ABS body panels, modern and clean design lines, but also a conventional tall boy design. There are plenty of details that add to the overall feel of the Mahindra e2o of being a regular car and to include some of them, they are the muscular wheel arches, the bonnet grille, the cab forward design and of course, the uniquely looking headlamps.

The thirteen inch rims though don’t really provide too much visual strength, while the wheel arches look over sized. However, in this picture, it’s the tires that take a good amount of attention and make people focus on them. They are low resistance and they have been especially made for the Mahindra e2o with a compound which a compound containing more silica content.

Taking a look at the car’s chassis, individuals will notice that it’s basically a tubular frame and the Mahindra e2o is built by bolting the seating parts, parts of the suspension, battery pack and motor controller. In terms of body panels, they are dent resistant plastic and are color impregnated. Using special adhesives, these panels which are made from a special type of polymer are bonded onto the frame. Even though the Mahindra e2o doesn’t feature electronic braking or stability aids, it does quality with the collision safety norms because of the rigidity of the space frame and the 3 crumple zones which can be found at the front.

mahindra e2o Electric Car mahindra e2o

Digital interiors

Taking a look at the interior of the Mahindra e2o, the cabin feels really clean and very well finished. The dashboard’s layout is conventional, yet it’s neatly executed. Taking a look at the switches and knobs, they are greatly finished, but in the Mahindra e2o they actually like the click feel, because they are fully digital and feature a backlit LED marking.

Legroom is very comfortable in this car and even if people will sit in the rear bench, they will still get to have plenty of legroom, just like they would get in the majority of small hatches. There is however a small compromise and that lies in the boot space, which individuals can only use in order to store 2 small briefcases. The AC on the Mahindra e2o though seems to be very efficient and it works by making use of an inverter compressor combination.

Mahindra e2o Electric Car Performance

The battery in the Mahindra e2o can be charged in 5 hours by inserting it into a fifteen Amp socket and it’s important to know it consumes around ten units of power. A 60 minute quick charge will allow people to drive the car for 20 kilometers. With that being said, it seems that the Mahindra e2o is really an amazing car that will certainly make electric car lovers delighted about its functionality and overall appeal!

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