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It was 1996, the year when the magnificent Italian supermini, Lancia Ypsilon, was unveiled to the big money spenders. A replacement of the classic Y10, Lancia is a bigger meaning more exquisite feature to explore.

Lancia Ypsilon First generation

Lancia Ypsilon Facelift Rear

Developed between 1996 and 2003, the 1st generation most certainly laid a strong foundation for the coming generations. Enrico Fumia’s design – Lancia Type 840, was developed for two years for about 400 billion Italian lira and in January 1996 it was launched in Rome. The arches here are the same on all the four sides and the length 3.72m; which is 33cm more compared to Y10.

Model features

– A soft-to-touch dashboard

– Five seats

– Up to 100 different shades of non-standard colors

– Range of accessories and options

Lancia Ypsilon Interior

During the time, the range of Lancia was known to many using initials such as LE, LS and LX, and later the Cosmopolitan edition completed the first generation line-up. Cosmopolitan was a creation which resulted from collaboration between the magazine – based on your, and LX. The car was developed to be sold in the European market, except in Italy. Air conditioning in the LX was standard, while in LS it was optional. LS had extra dashboard features; a bigger display, tachometer and an indicator showing the outside temperature.

Lancia restyled

In October 2000, both the interior and the exterior were redone; the smaller grille was replaced by a larger grille, with new taillights, bumpers, wheel cover designs, fog lights, body color and the side moldings giving an amazing finish to the automobile. On the inside, headrests were installed; the steering wheel was new including the seats. Technology was also upgraded; use of ultramodern LED display, the climate control lever and loss of reflective security in the doors.

Second generation

Established between 2003 and 2011, Ypsilon Type 843’s main aim was to capture the hearts of the young audience, which has undeniably received numerous acclamations from the younger age group, especially females. It is for this reason that the car is Lancia’s top selling brand with a remarkable 60 000 copies produced each year. 843 was first assembled in the province of Potenza, at the Fiat Plant in Melfi and was then relocated to Sicily in Termini Imerese Palermo. With a three-door length measuring about 3.78 m, the car features an elegant design with the front characterized by a massive chrome grille complemented with the lighting placed on the extreme ends of the front arch. The side rib gives the machine a slight boost and the vertical headlamps at the tail culmination the bumper – a feature that anyone wouldn’t fail to notice.

The upgrade

In 2006, Ypsilon decided to do some slight touches to the engines together with part of the interior and the exterior. The bumpers became curvier, the front grille was different and the rear light clusters plus chrome-effect ice as seen in the bumper. The versions included; passion, yellow gold, white gold, platinum and silver. The exterior mirrors were later increased in size and the headlamps darkened, that was in 2010. And in 2011, Lancia launched the final version of Ypsilon better know as unique. The end of production of the 2nd generation ended on 23 November 2011. The reason was; the Termini Imerese factory was closed by the Fiat Group, and this was Lancia’s home – the place where Ypsilon was assembled.

Third Generation

This includes the Lancia is developed and produced from 2011 till present time. Type 846, is the new generation of Lancia. This car was developed way much before the alliance with Fiat and Chrysler. The features here include a Five-door body with the rare-door handles hidden in an upright position. The suspension in front uses the classic wheel MacPherson struts and the rear utilizes a torsion beam together with a stabilizer bar. 500 million Euros, this is the total amount of money invested to put the third generation on the road. Lancia Ypsilon Type 846 is simply a classy car with Countless features to experience.

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