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Lancia Beta Coupe car model was introduced towards the end of betas life. Lancia came up with a more stylish and super performer car by the name coupe. The Lancia Beta Coupe came into the market as the second model of the four beta car models. It had a shortened platform, and a 93-inch wheelbase. The styling of this car model was done by Aldo Castagno assisted by Pietro Castagnero as a stylist consultant. Driving this car is not only enjoyable, but it also appeared stylish on the road.

Lancia Beta Coupe

Lancia Beta Coupe Car Suspension

Lancia coupe had a stiffer suspension compared to the previous Lancia models. This feature made it more durable and scratch resistant. The suspension provided the required stability and gave the car adequate strength.


The car’s production lasted for a total of eleven years.

Total Numbers

A total of 111,801 coupe cars of this make was produced and sold.

Car version

The coupe was a 2x 2 version.


There were three models of this car that were produced at different stages from 1972 to 1985.

Wheel base

This Lancia car had a wider wheel base which made the car more stable and strong. The Lancia beta couple had a shortened floorpan, with enough space that could accommodate two adults in the rear seats. It also had a shorter wheelbase which combined well with a 90kg drop in kerb weight.

Car Engine

The cars Engine options were between 1.3- to 2.0-liter twin-cams. This powerful engine made the car a more powerful car while on the road.

Injection type

It operated on a Bosch injection and a supercharged version.


The styling of this car was pretty both on the interior and exterior.

Speed limit

It could go to a maximum of 190km/h.

Fuel type

This car mainly used petrol.

Carbon dioxide gas emissions

The carbon dioxide emission rate was 209g/Km.


The cars Acceleration was 100 KPH.

Fuel consumption

The total fuel consumption of this car was 8.8l/100km, which is considerably economical.

Drive type

It used the front wheel drive system.

The Gearbox

The car had a manual gearbox.

The target market

Coupes main target market was the United Kingdom market, the American market and the Japan motor market. The response within the market was good, even though the manufacturer withdrew from the American market in 1982.

To date there are some few coupe cars being used and resold in some countries, especially in Italy where they had a huge market base. Regular Beta Coupe cars vary in prices depending on the styling and condition of the car, the price was also determined by the model of the car. Even the car’s exterior might not be appealing; many people still loved the car because of its power on the road.

The exterior setting and design of the car was superb and its handling was clean and tidy. The car can be considered environmental friendly considering the amount of carbon dioxide gases it emitted into the atmosphere. Lancia cars were even used in motor racing because of their strong and powerful engines as well as the great suspension and speed limit. These outstanding features make the Lancia beta Coupe to be a unique model that can offer reliable performance.

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