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Nimble, small and modular. These are adjectives that no one ever thought would be used to describe a Hummer. The Hummer is known for producing jumbo-sized off-road SUVs, but not its latest concept model. The Hummer HX will be a two-door compact SUV suited for off-road, this vehicle was revealed during the North American Auto Show in 2008. Many Hummer lovers speculate that this shift may be due to rising costs of gas or that GM (general motors) is trying to manufacture cheaper models of the Hummer.

Hummer HX Concept

Hummer HX Design

The car is smaller compared to both H2 and H3, It is 171 inches long. The outer look and feel is however the same signature designs of Hummer, with the front massive grill same as both the previous versions. This particular model was designed by a group of young developers which would seem to explain why it looks like a vehicle from a video game or SCI-flick movie. The massive Humvee-inspired back rear roof is removable converting it into a Chevy Avalanche SUT look-alike or replaced with a square unit. The center roof can also be removed as are the fender and doors.

An inside look at the 2008 HX reveals a minimalist, traditional Hummer interior. The seats are compact, lightweight and fitted with 4-point harness. Aluminum is used throughout the interior with carpeted flooring. The 3-pod gauge cluster uses LCD displays that are capable of displaying multiple layouts having 2 modes, off-road and highway mode. The cluster serves as a navigation and compass at the same time.

Hummer HX Front

Under the Hood

The car that has already been nicknamed the H4 has a 3.6-liter SIDI E85 V6 FlexFuel engine with 6-speed auto transmission. This vehicle is a full time 4WD with front/ rear locking differentials. GM has been making rounds with a V6 in multiple vehicles for a while now. The engine is tuned to make 304 horsepower and 273 lb-ft torque, this is more than the H3 that had I-5 and also the H3 wasn’t E85 capable.

The gearbox is of course GM’s preferred choice of 6L50 6-speed auto. The stopping power comes thanks to the massive 15-inch Brembos on all 4 corners, with 6-piston calipers in the front and 4-piston in the rear. Binders can’t be seen as they are hidden by the 20-inch wheels worn in custom 35-inch Bridgestone tires. The suspension on this vehicle is impressive with Fox racing coil overs with 2.5-inch springs and 2-inch shocks. The springs support the independent front and back suspensions. However, there is a lack of solid axles that would make purists balk. Ground clearance is awesome for off-road at 13 inches and wheel travel being 9 inches front and 11 at the back.

Additional Features

It is fully protected by an underbody armor kit while other off-road equipment includes power winch, front and rear recovery hook.


Hummer has been already a well-recognized brand, the brand manager noted that it’s a popular brand among youthful drivers and with the introduction of the Hummer H4 that is a smaller and cheaper option, more drivers are expected to jump into the HX wagon. For a driver that would require a dirt vehicle, the 2008 HX concept is a beast on off-road although for people hitting the tarmac more, the suspensions on the vehicle would be harder for them to feel comfortable in.

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