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The Honda Brio is not only a small and compact car, it comes with a style that has placed it in a good position in comparison to its counter parts. The car was launched in September 2012 and became an instant hit in the small-car market. The car comes with a beautiful stream lined body that seems to lean forward which is a great selling point in the market today. The car is also stock made in a number of colors making it largely unisex. It is an easy car to fall in love with as many critics put it after the launch. The car also comes with features that are quite impressive for its class.

Honda Brio: An Amazing Compact Car

The Honda Brio car is laced with an interesting rear end which is a trademark that it has upheld so well. The rear lights are placed on the lower edge of the car which is made of glass wholly. The glass design has not been witnessed in the market making it a unique addition. It has provided for a good feature that proves with no doubt that the designers had taken time to create the hatchback. The smoked out design back rear is one of the main attractions of the car. The Honda Brio also comes with a 1.2 liter engine which makes it an economical car. This is similar to the Honda jazz but beats it in terms of power. It produces a peak power performance of 86.8 bhp at 6000 rpm.

Honda Brio

The Honda Brio car is lesser than 4 meters in length from nose to tail. The exact length is about 3.6 meters. This should not fool you as the hatchback comes really spacious on the inside. The boot space is really impressive which explains the shape of the car holding more than enough for the family. It also comes with a 5 speed transmission that is manual with an electric steering. The Macpherson suspension struts on the front add comfort and style when driving. The front brakes are disc type while the back is drum type with an ABS system. This handles the car very well when braking reducing skidding and the chances of a flip over. The technological addictions in the car include the Electric Stability System also known as the ESS and the Electronic Brake force Distributions also known as the EBD. The two systems manage the stability of the car keeping it stable on some of the most daunting roads and weather. It has faced competition from the Toyota Etios Liva and the Nissan Macro. The Volkswagen polo is still a big competitor in the hatchbacks arena something that Honda looks to beat.

Honda Brio: Final Verdict

The Honda Brio car also comes with four doors and comes with a well vamped up engine and comfort which is something the admirers love about it. The fact that it was a hit did not mean that it sold well. The pricing was not competitive which made many that loved its features shy away from it. The fact however remains that the car is still as alluring as ever with the A and B car segments looking sharper with every turn. It is a worthwhile investment for the family as it sits 5 people comfortably. You would be afraid of the size thinking it would be crammed inside. The surprising thing however is that it is really spacious with ample leg space compared to most hatchbacks in the league. The safety features include two airbags on the front dashboard and the electronic balancing systems. Honda Brio has a push start button and inbuilt stereo for entertainment purposes.

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