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The Honda Amaze was just launched recently and it seems that after the Honda Amaze Spec and reviews have been made available to the public, there were many people interested in it. In fact, this was the most anticipated compact sedan of the year and is available on both diesel and petrol versions. The Honda Amaze specs are pretty much breathtaking in terms of mileage, because people can drive it on a single liter for an amazing 25.8 kilometers.

Honda Amaze Spec and reviews

1. Honda Amaze Exterior

The company wanted the exterior to be a bit different and that is why it changed the face of this vehicle with a whole new design. The front bumper and radiator grill are thus completely different from the previous model and thanks to the twin layered chrome grill, this car looks really classy.

Many agree that out of all the aesthetic Honda Amaze Spec and reviews, they noticeable and flowing lines are actually the best. In terms of looks, this model is the most proportionate and well designed sedan out there. Taking a closer look at the car’s tail section, it’s easy to notice it come with full size clear lines tail lights, while a premium touch is added thanks to the chrome plate on the trunk and the lip spoiler.

Honda Amaze Diesel Engine Honda Amaze

2. Honda Amaze Interior 

It comes with the Brio’s interiors. This means that the vehicle’s interior is a dual tone and even if it doesn’t look premium, it is finished quite well. Seats are pretty comfortable and the car can easily seat five people and because of the extended wheelbase, it does feel really comfortable.

3. Engine and Gearbox

For those who will go for the petrol version, the Honda Amaze Spec and reviews is of 110 Nm at 4,800 RPMs with 88 BHP at 6,000 RPMs. On the other hand, the diesel model comes with 200 Nm at 1,750 RPMs, with 98.6 BHP at 3,600 RPMs. For both models, the transmission is a five speed one, automatic (for the petrol version) and manual for both diesel and petrol.

Engine wise, the Honda Amaze Spec and reviews can come with 2 options. The petrol engine is of 1.2 liters which has a maximum torque of 110 Nm and 4,800 RPMs. ON the other hand, the diesel model is a 1.5 liters engine with sixteen valves and four cylinders. It generates approximately 200 Nm and 98.6 BHP.

4. Acceleration and Performance

The Honda Amaze Spec and reviews are really great thus far considering its class and when the petrol model was tested, it was almost similar in performance with the Brio hatchback. In order to reach from 0 to 100 KM per hour, the Honda Amaze Spec and reviews state it needs 13 seconds. The engine seems to do its best at high RPMs. And since the car is very lightweight, it will definitely take advantage of the best power to weight ratio in its class.

5. Suspension and Braking

Last but not least, the suspension and braking systems are similar to those in the Brio. The brake discs are ventilated at its front, while the drum brakes at the back ensure great braking power for those risky driving situations. In terms of suspension, the rear comes with the Torsion Beam Axle, while the front is Independent McPherson Struts. As this article conveys, the Honda Amaze Spec and reviews are definitely great for a car of its class and plenty will appreciate it for the affordable price it comes at.

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