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Ford EcoSport is one of the many sport utility vehicles that has been available in the market for almost a decade now. Although small cars are beginning to become preferred choices due to their fuel efficiency, there is still a huge market for SUVs, particularly for large families or people who live in remote areas that have unpaved roads. The ample interior space in SUVs can seat about seven to nine people and still have enough room for cargo. Most SUVs also have four-wheel drives that enable them to tackle rough roads even during harsh weathers. The high-seat design in SUVs also gives drivers better visibility of the road ahead, allowing for better handling of the vehicle. With all these benefits, it is definitely logical to consider owning an SUV, particularly a Ford EcoSport.

Ford EcoSport And it’s Detail

Ford EcoSport was actually first built in Brazil in 2003. It is one of Ford’s best-selling models, as attested in its inclusion in the top 10 best selling vehicles since the year it was launched. Its first generation model was made available in four types of engines, namely the 1.0 L gasoline, 1.6 L gasoline, 2.0 L gasoline, and the 1.4 L diesel. In 2007, the model was restyled to give it a more modern look. However, EcoSport experienced a decrease in sales from 2008 to 2010 due mainly to heightened interest of consumers to its competitors. Ford did not see this as a deterrent and instead gave the EcoSport a major revamp and launched the second generation during the New Delhi Auto Expo in 2012.

Ford EcoSport: Second Generation

From Brazil, Ford has decided to build its new generation of EcoSport in India. This gave the new EcoSport the advantage of offering it to the market in a more competitive price. The Indian plant will cover the local and European market, while another plant in Thailand will take care of the Southeast Asian market demands.

ford ecosport

What should you expect from the new Ford EcoSport? First, it has a modern and jazzy design that will surely catch your attention. It has the normal size of an SUV yet seem to have a compact look, largely due to the sleek contours and designs that resembles a sedan. Inside, you will be welcomed by an ample space to seat your whole family and all your belongings for your yearly road trips. Being a new generation, it boasts of new technology that will offer the best comfort, entertainment, and safety features. The audio unit is very sophisticated with USB, auxiliary, and Bluetooth connectivity. Safety features include the ABS, electric power-assisted steering, and rear parking sensors.

The new generation of Ford EcoSport is available in three types of engine, namely the 1.0 L gasoline, 1.5 L gasoline, and the 1.5 L diesel. All of these have shown good fuel economy, especially the 1.0 L gasoline with Ecoboost system, which showed an 18.90 kilometer per liter mileage during test runs.

Therefore, if you happen to travel a lot with your family, carry a lot of items in your regular trips, or happen to be living in an area with rough and hard to handle roads, you should definitely consider buying and SUV, more particularly the new Ford EcoSport.

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