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The Lancia Thema is an exclusive vehicle that first appeared in 1984, during the Turin Motor Show. It was a result of a flagship desire by the Italian car manufacturer Lancia and its parent companies, Saab, Alfa Romeo and Fiat. They all had pooled their intelligent resources to produce a new platform, which could be adapted and shared by every company.

Lancia Thema Front

Overview Of Lancia Thema

The Lancia Thema was first presented as a saloon car designed by Pininfarina. It was viewed as a very comfortable and spacious European vehicle of its time. This car was one of the luxury vehicles based on the platform by the above companies, among others that included the Fiat Croma, Saab 9000 and the Alfa 164. It also marked Lancia’s return to a much executive market segment. As such, the vehicle came with proper luxury amenities like full leather interior, air conditioning, sunroof and heated seats. Power originally came from an array of naturally turbo, aspirated, and diesel Lancia-speed engines.

Lancia Thema Interior

With the oil crises and political and economic strife during the late 1970s, Europe’s collective memory and ever-greater luxury reappeared once again. Lancia’s comeback was the Lancia Thema 8.32. The vehicle was initially publicized at the Turin Show in the year 1986. The model name referred to the car’s use of a 2927cc V-8 from the Ferrari’s mid-engine 308 Mondial and Quattrovalvole. The engine varied from the other models of the period since it was fitted with a cross-plane crankshaft instead of the normal flat-plane crankshaft, different firing order and smaller valves.

Since the Lancia Thema was a front-wheel steer, the diagonally mounted V8 slipped properly in the Sedan’s engine section. Its engine used a 2-plane crank for smoother and better low speed performance too. Though the horsepower decreased from 240 to 215 in the Ferraris, the torque remained at 209 pound-feet at 4500rpm. Other mechanical alterations included a beefed-up suspension with dampers that were electronically controlled, a new ZF steering system and improved brakes.

Lancia Thema Rear

The Thema 8.32 was distinguished from the other Themas by badging, alloy wheels, a different grille and a trunked spoiler, which rose robotically when its speed exceeded 80mph. The vehicle had an outstanding modification too, which included a deluxe interior with the finest woods on the dashboard. Unluckily, the price tag of 40,000 pounds in Britain, limited its request to only nine being available. This version also sold in very partial numbers in Italy.

Thema Limousine

This type of limousine was built on demand by rich clients and Fiat-Group management. The vehicle featured similar interior features as the 8.32 and LX versions too. Most were equipped with a 2.8 l V6 mechanism, restored in the previous ones by the 3.0 l Alfa Romeo V6 engine. The wheelbase of the vehicle was also comprehended to 2,960 mm plus its overall length became 4,890 mm. Only about 24 limousines were manufactured though.

Where Lancia’s Stratos was a raw sports vehicle created from rallying, the Lancia Thema 8.32 was a lavish Sedan. They were all built differently and had varying designs, but one special thing they had in common was the Ferrari engine. All in all, it still remains to be a very spectacular car of all time.

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