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Bentley had produced a number of models of automobiles for rich people since last almost 100 years to give them a unique motoring experience. Bentley CONTINENTAL GT V8 is another model of the car produced by this company, especially for newly rich people instead of established ones. In order to allure the new class of the buyer’s company had included all the features of a sedan car along with its fantastic looks. This white car from this company can be reviewed as a suitable automobile for driving in deserts like the area between Palm Springs and San Diego as it has been designed by the engineers of Germany and England.

Bentley Continental GT V8

Bentley Continental GT V8 Features

It is an impressive touring vehicle not only due to its fast speed, but in the tradition of the company followed in it. Since 2003 the tradition of Bentley is being followed in its Continental GT vehicles along with this second Gen car available in the market since three years. V8 model of Continental GT series was considered to be the best seller of the company since its introduction in the last year due to its W12-powered GT Speed. V8 engine had empowered, more than 50% models of Continental GT vehicles which will make a dramatic change in the demand of the V8 S version this series in coming few months. The V8 S vehicles are expected to be recognized from a distance on the road due to the quality assurance of Bentley in it. Glossy Beluga marking on the mirrors, specific badges for different models, rear diffuser and side skirts are some of the features of this version of V8 that can help anyone in recognizing it from a distance.

Bentley Continental Steering


Normally Continental GT vehicles have tastefully decorated interior to give a feel of refined and generous material used in it. The duo-tone leather-trimmed cushioned seats and impeccable Metal and leather touch points are the other best features of its interior. V8 S has the same contrasting center stripe in 17 different shades on the header for which Continental GT vehicles from Bentley were enabled to match to your choice. It can also be identified through the V8 S written on its kick plates. Worth of its interior is supposed to be more than $200,000.

Engine power

Like other vehicle in the automobile industry the word S in V8 S makes it different from the other models of Bentley’s Continental GT vehicles. The 502 pounds/feet of torque, 521 horsepower and the twin-turbo 4.0-liter mill are some of the features of the engine of this vehicle which are represented in the word S in its model name due its upgrade from 487 lb/ft and 500 HP of its base model. The 8 speed automatic transmission system of this vehicle allows it to attain 0-60 miles per hour speed within 4.3 seconds, which is lower than 4.6 seconds of its base model. The top speed of this car is more than 190 miles per hour as compared to 188 mph of a base model.

This Continental GT V8 is supposed to be one of the best selling vehicles from Bentley that are known for their unique features.

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