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The new Acura RLX is designed for front and rear wheel-drive precision. The auto can carve a perfect line easily even at high acceleration rates and can navigate crowded and busy highways. It has “jewel eyes”, these are sixteen LEDs headlights reflecting light thus creating radiance and brilliance enough to light a dark room. In terms of technological advancement it is abreast, Acura link facilitates the conveying of points of interest from Smartphones, androids or windows PC to the vehicle’s navigation system to get the ready to travel routes. It has a strong engine, V6 with a transmission of 6-speed Automatic/Consecutive Shift Paddle, Horsepower RPM 300/6500, torsion RPM 272/4500 and top speed of 135 mph.

Exterior Appearance of the auto

The vehicle has a distinct model designing, starting from its Lexus emblem it adopts a meticulous edge style, having a silken front end with a swooping roof contour that has a sleeker appearance. The entire length of the new RLX is similar to the RL predecessor; however, the wheelbase is slightly longer than the latter. This enhances its stance; the driver can ride with more comfort and easier handling. To customize its performance, it is reinforced with twenty inch aluminum made wheels that have 255/35 R20 strong rubber mantled around them. Its chassis is made from aluminum and steel alloys; this makes the sedan stronger and enhances safety.

Acura RLX Front View Acura RLX Rear View Acura RLX Side View

Interior designs of New Acura Model

The interior appearance and aesthetics strikingly exude a feel of modern and digitalized elegance. On the functional aspect, it has a developed communications, accessories, infotainment, air conditioning and navigation systems. Moreover, it features two LCD screens that regulate an array of components in the vehicle, for instance free-hand operation of your phone, stereo system and HVAC applications. There is an Acura connection feature, a cell based communication system which is similar to the GM OnStar program, it incites emergency calls if airbags deploy, concierge service, track the auto if it has been stolen and alarm notifications. The smooth ambient source of lighting embellishes its interior in darkness giving it a luxurious and elegant feel of modernity.

Engine Power and Performance

The car has a V-6 engine on the front-wheel-drive; it starts up with 310 horsepower. Its hybrid engine connects to a 7-speed twin-clutch direct transmission. The vehicle gives V-8 level acceleration and 4-cylinder fuel needs. It is estimated at a speed of 30 mpg in busy streets and 45 mpg along highways.

Safety Features and Systems of Acura RLX

The vehicle has a collision ameliorating system, it triggers brakes if there is indication of sensor there is an object in front, for example when a driver swerves, but there is prior notice given to the driver. In addition the lane alert enables the driver to stay in his lane and not depart without signaling. It also includes compulsory front and rear air bags, side curtain air bags and a safety restraint for the driver near the knee. It has the strong rear frame to reinforce the resistance against impact and distribute energy created by a collision. This is one of the most amazing features of this car.

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