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2014 mini paceman is the kind of car that will fit your needs if you are into small car with great performance. As the coupe, you can be sure that this vehicle is equipped with the latest features in high technology that will ease you not only in driving, but also in entertainment purpose. You should know that this car will be introduced in the next motor show. Another thing that you should know is this is not like the other coupes. In fact, this car is completed with four-seater. It means that this car can accommodate more persons at a time and give the comfort you need.

2014 Mini Paceman: the Specs

When it comes to the exterior, you can find that 2014 mini paceman is completed with the revised front bumper. Moreover, you can also see that this car has roofline that is sloping. It is also completed with the special rear end. This model is actually smaller than its predecessor. It is 0.4” lower and 1.6” shorter than the last model. It is also has tinier dimensions that makes this car is even lighter, so that the performance will be boosted up. The passengers of this car will get the lounge concept in the interior.

2014 Mini Paceman

2014 MINI Paceman Interior

2014 Mini Paceman exterior

2014 Mini Paceman Picture

2014 Mini Paceman: the Technical Details

This car is equipped with the 1.6L engine delivering 122 up to 184 horsepower. In fact, the performance of the car depends on how this car is tuned. That is the gasoline option. Yet, if you are into diesel, then you can choose 1.6L mill engine delivering 112 horsepower. Or, 2.0L engine delivering 143 horsepower. You can also read 2014 Kia Pro Ceed for Hatchback Lovers. Interesting article about 2014 Kia Pro Ceed in the previous discuss.

For the transmission, this car comes with six-speed manual gear transmission, no matter what type of engine you choose. If you want more luxurious yet more expensive option, then you can choose six-speed Steptronic automatic gearbox in 2014 mini paceman.

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