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For people who are interested in a curvy SUV car, 2013 Opel Mokka is here to take out. From the exterior design, the car is capably impressive. It looks innovative and different from other SUV cars. You will not regret for choosing this car as your family car. This article will discuss it more. If you are curious about the details, you are able to follow the discussion flows. Opel puts thrilling parts that make you in love with the car more and more.

Space of the 2013 Opel Mokka

The car is supported with spacious room and legroom for five passengers. Upholstery is covered by comfortable materials that can improve the contentment of the passengers during the trip. You will never regret for that then. The cabin is roomy so that your movement will not be limited. For the arrangement and layout, 2013 Opel Mokka consists of three rows for five to six passengers. Among each row, there are spaces to move from one seat to another.

Engine of 2013 Opel Mokka

2013 Opel Mokka is coming with an engine of 1.6 liter. Producing 115 horsepower is the capability of the engine. For the turbocharged engine, it is 1.4 liter by means of 140 horsepower and the torque 200Nm. If you are interested in diesel more, you are able to choose 130 horsepower with 1.7 CDTI and 300 Nm for the torque. You are able to choose one that is in line with your own preference. Just go with that and get the best experience using SUV manufactured by incredible automobile maker.

2013 Opel Mokka

2013 Opel Mokka Interior

2013 Opel Mokka Review

2013 Opel Mokka Placement

Conclusion is able to be obtained by reading the information in the article. It is true that Opel Mokka will be a good alternative to choose if you are looking for a SUV car for family trip. Spacious room of 2013 Opel Mokka will make your family members enjoy the amazing trip.

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