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2013 Honda N-One is one of the most adorable little cars in the world. The new hatchback will remind us of the classics like Mini Cooper, VW Beetle and Fiat 500. Equipped with just enough engines for daily travel from the highly competent company at a reasonable price, the car will be useful as it is cute. The small figure and two colored body of the city car are bound to be popular in Japan, the only nation in which the car will be launched.

The Specifications

The 2013 Honda N-One is inspired by Honda’s own 1967 N360, as seen on its flat grille and round headlights. It combines the modern with the classics nicely. It is still too small to compete with the Cooper, Beetle and Fiat, though. Even Fiat, which is already the smallest of the three, has a full 3-inch advantage over the N-One. Honda has already had two other small cars similar to N-One, the N Box and N Box +. They are marketed as ‘kei’ cars, which get special tax and insurance rates in Japanese law.

The N-One has a 1.3 liter DOHC 3-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine under the hood. The performance is counted at 660 cc, available in either all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive configuration. The optimally-tuned CVT makes it possible for the car to have effective fuel consumption, with a rate of 26 km/liter. The interior of the small car is unexpectedly spacious for four adults. The car is also equipped with ESS (Emergency Stop Signal) system, VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist), HSA (Hill Start Assist), Pedestrian Injury Mitigation Body and airbag system for safety measurement. You can also read 2013 Bentleymulsanne with Elegant Interior Design.

2013 Honda N-One

2013 Honda N-One Preview

2013 Honda N-One Image

2013 Honda N-One Premium Tourer2013 Honda N-One Image

The Price

The cute car is priced at 1,150,000 yen in Japan, roughly translated to US$14,362. A premium model will be slightly more expensive at $16,997, and offered in 11 different colors. There is almost no chance that the car will be released in the US, though, as it is specifically made to suit Japanese people’s need for the streets of Japan, and the 2013 Honda N-One will be too small a car for the US customers anyway.

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