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2013 Dacia Logan has a very good look. This car is designed and manufactured by a world class car manufacturer, Dacia. For its new product, Dacia has been released the brand new Dacia Logan.  This car has a very good outside view with metallic blue color. All of the body painting of this car has been painted in the same color. On the front are of this car, we can see there are two very amazing headlamps. These headlamps have a cool design. Between those amazing headlamps, this car also has grilles which are very useful to cool the engine temperature.

On the side area of this car, we can see there are four doors. Besides having four doors and good headlamps and grilles, this 2013 Dacia Logan also has streamlines which are very good to enhance the speed of this car. By the existence the most appropriate streamlines, a car will be able to run better. On the rear side of this car, we can see there are two backlights which are very beautiful.

Comfortable Seats for Our Family

There is also a large luggage on the rear side of this car. We can place anything in this large luggage. Besides having a very good exterior design on this car, This Logan also has a very interesting interior design. If we enter there are four seats. These seats will be very suitable for our family. Our family can sit comfortable in this car. We can sit our children on the back row seats of this car. Our children will be comfortable to sit over there. You might also read 2013 Volkswagen Touareg Edition X with the Exclusive Design.

2013 Dacia Logan

2013 Dacia Logan Wheel

2013 Dacia Logan Exterior

2013 Dacia Logan Price

2013 Dacia Logan Exterior

Engine Capacity of this Logan

This four seats and interior design of this car are also supported with a powerful performance of this car. This car is available in two variant engines. They are the 898cc three cylinders engine and 1.2 liters engine capacity. Each of them offers a different specification for this 2013 Dacia Logan.

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